Over a day

Growing mobile workforce demands have changed the concept of a workplace. The new concept of a workplace can be applied to many different types of facilities, such as corporate offices, campuses, cities and municipalities, hospitals and airports. Compared to the traditional workplace that has a physical location, which is no longer a 100 percent viable option, the new workplace is defined as anywhere one may work, which increasingly includes mobile and virtual work environments.

Over a period of one day, employees arrive at the office to conduct their business, gain access to the base building as well as tenancies, get seat allocated based on set preferences, receive way finding info, digital signage of working desk, set preferences for working environment, work at desk, have meetings with internal teams and visitors, use the equipment and building assets, book and organize events, order catering, set preferences for the facilities, use the available facilities for various events and consume energy. Incidents that happen during the day are captured and managed.

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