• It seems to be a large system to implement to meet our needs?

    The iViva system is a modular based platform with a baseline set of modules that allows you to start out small to meet your needs today, but has the flexibility to allow you to grow as your business requirements do.

  • What is a SCADA point?

    SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment (using typically one communication channel per remote station). The control system may be combined with a data acquisition system by adding the use of coded signals over communication channels to acquire information about the status of the remote equipment for display or for recording functions

  • What solutions or modules do you provide?

    Provide the client with a flexible and simple tool that can bring the data and processes of multiple ELV systems into one integrated reporting and management system.

    1. Assets Management
    2. Inventory Management
    3. Maintenance Management (Corrective & Preventive Maintenance, Work Requests & Work Order Management)
    4. Facility Booking with Event Management
    5. Contract Management
    6. Visitor Management
    7. Contact Centre/Help Desk
    8. Seating Space Management
    9. Energy Management
    10. IBMS
    11. Audit Management
    12. Incident & Security Management
    13. Commissioning Management
  • What systems can it integrate with?
    BMS & EMS Access Control CCTV
    Lighting Lifts People Counters
    Procurement Systems HR Systems Contractor Systems
    Locker Systems Speed Stiles Meeting Room Management
    Hot Desking 3D Way Finding
  • Does the system have a mobile app?

    No, iViva is a web based system so it will work on PC, Laptop, Mobile device – all that is required is a web browser along with a username & password to access the system.

  • What does the hardware look like - or what Hardware is supported?

    The hardware is typically a server rack mounted configuration, and can be either hosted via a cloud environment or hosted within your own it environment.

  • How often does iViva release versions get updated?

    As iViva operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, release cycles are short and fast. Security issues and critical bugs are patched immediately. Application features and platform features are updated on a weekly or even monthly basis. Note that in this service model, you do not need to perform any software updates. They are automatic and transparent to users.

  • Do I have to pay the entire amount upfront?

    No. Our pricing structure is designed in a manner where you make payments at different milestones during the solution implementation.

  • Are there any modules/ applications that MUST be purchased as parent/fundamental modules?

    This depends on your requirement to have real-time monitoring of your systems and processes. To enable real-time tracking and monitoring of systems you need to have the Assets Management and IBMS applications which provide SCADA capability.

    Asset Management is required as a base module for Maintenance, Contract Management, Contact Centre/Helpdesk, Energy, IBMS, Audit and Commissioning Management modules to function. Similarly, IBMS is required as a base module for Energy Management and Commissioning Management modules to function.

  • What if there are any defects in the solution?

    We have a Defect Liability Period built in to all the deployments of iViva. We will work together with you during this period to identify and rectify any issues and defects that may arise during the deployment of the solution.

  • What kind of training is provided?

    Operational Intelligence will provide preliminary user training during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase of the project. Key users identified/nominated by you will be trained prior to the UAT phase, while other users will be trained after the completion of acceptance testing. We can also offer a train the trainer style of training to assist you to have in house system specialists.

  • Do you supply any hardware components needed?

    Yes, we can supply the hardware components that have been tried and tested in each area of integration with iViva. However, we can also provide a list of required hardware components for you to source your own preferred hardware components.


  • What are the Operating Systems that support iViva

    This depends on many factors including the availability of building data, asset data, real-time point information, user data etc.

  • Can I access and use iViva from any device?

    Yes, iViva supports Android and iOS-based smart phones and tablets as well as any desktop that runs a modern web browser.

  • How secure is iViva as a platform?

    The iViva platform uses multiple security techniques and processes to ensure that we protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers' data. iViva addresses the security concerns in a unique way by building all data access on an underlying framework while applications are built on a higher level specification that sits atop the framework. So, as the framework is strengthened, the whole suite of applications automatically inherits it as well.

  • What are the databases iViva operates on?

    SQL Server

  • What subsystems does iViva integrate with?

    iViva is successfully integrated with many of the subsystems and the full list can be seen here:

    iViva Integrations List_R290714. This list keeps getting updated every time iViva complies with a customer specific requirement. We are able to integrate with any system as maybe required to enable your Smart Workplace scenario.